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*Movies a bout; The Seljuk governor, Urzu, had engaged his daughter princess Çise with the second khan of Altın Orda, Berke Khan, to prevent Mongolians from entering Anatolia. This marriage would make it impossible for Mongolians to enter Anatolia. Mongolians that were aware of this fact kidnap Princess Çise. Karaoğlan notices that the Mongolians have taken a girl captive in the forest. He fights with the men without recognizing the identity of the girl, and he releases the girl. Camoka goes mad after he finds out that the princess has slipped away from his men's hands and goes after Karaoğlan.

 -Karaoğlan accompanies the princess until they arrive in Malatya, and he meets a burglar girl called Bayırgülü. Urzu asks Karaoğlan to take the princess to her fiancé Çağanbay in Altın Orda so that she could get married, but to prevent Mongolians from noticing her, they were asked to travel in the apparel of a trade caravan.  

 -With pressure from Camoka and the jealousy crisis between Bayırgülü and the Princess with respect to Karaoğlan, a cheerful but dangerous journey begins. Until the Mongolians come and reach the gates at the castle...   


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